All Pets Health and Rehab​, LLC

Dear Clients,

For the foreseeable future I will continue to see patients with modified procedures. I expect these procedures to be in place until our community is well vaccinated for COVID-19. 

I will work with your pet in my office while you wait in your car or do errands near by.  When you arrive please let your dog urinate in the gravel lot next to the building (if needed) and put the check or cash in the empty flower pot by the front door.  For cats and rabbits, please place their crate next to my front door with the crate door touching the wall.  I will come out to the parking lot to greet you and to bring your pet and payment inside.  Please have your cell phone handy in case I need to contact you.  After finishing I will come back outdoors to let you know how your pet is doing and to schedule the next appointment.  For each patient, the office will be aired out, all high touch surfaces wiped, my hands washed and I will be wearing a mask. 

You have the option of sitting outside my window so you can observe the work.  For pets that have no risk of jumping out the window we can open it slightly to allow conversation.   My goal is to help pets relax more fully knowing that you are nearby while still maintaining proper social distancing.   The road noise is a little problematic but not overly. If you choose to visit at the open window please wear a mask.

For returning patients it is very helpful if you let me know via email a few days before the appointment how your pet is doing overall, if the symptoms have improved and if there have been any changes to their care since the last visit.  This communication prior to your arrival helps me to provide the best care to your pet while making the most of the time we have together.  

Options for high energy, nervous or anxious dogs:  
-Provide physical and intellectual exercise right before the appointment. 
-Feed a Composure Chew an hour before the appointment (available for purchase online).
-Bring a supply of their most favorite treats!
-Puree meat with a little water, pour into a dish, freeze, bring to the appointment frozen.
-Request a prescription of Trazodone from your primary care veterinarian. 

We can reschedule your appointment at any time.   Please reschedule if you or anyone in your home is ill.  I will temporarily close my business if I, or anyone in my home is sick.  It is of utmost importance to me that we meet our pet's needs while prioritizing safety for everyone.  Take care.  

Julia Moore, DVM 
Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist
All Pets Health and Rehab, LLC
(541) 602-1893