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When Kiko was about 6 months old, I brought her to Dr. Moore because when Kiko walked, many of her steps excluded her right rear leg.  She carried that leg rather than step with it.  I had seen other small dogs that did this, and it didn’t seem to bother Kiko, but I wondered if Dr. Moore could correct this.  Amazingly, she could, and did.  At first Kiko started using her right rear leg, but occasionally she would throw it out to the side, rather than stepping straight with it.  It didn’t take too much longer before Kiko’s walk was perfectly normal. As an added bonus, during the Manuel Therapy sessions, I have appreciated the opportunity to talk with Dr. Moore about such things as what might cause stress for my dogs, or what options are there for my dogs’ diets beyond kibble or canned dog food.  I so appreciate the person that Dr. Moore is. She doesn’t just treat her patients, she cares about their total well-being.

Puna loved agility - and then gradually she seemed less interested.  I was surprised when the agility instructor said that she thought Puna was in pain.  I tried several vets before I found Dr. Julia Moore.  Dr. Moore diagnosed Puna, and then treated her using Manual Therapy.  Almost magically, after several sessions, Puna was back to her playfully happy self in the agility ring.  People kept commenting to me what a big difference they saw in her.  This was four years ago, and we still see Dr. Moore for occasional ‘tune-ups’.  I am so happy that there is something I can do that works so well to make my sweet Puna pain-free

My 8 year old German Shepherd, Strom, is a working service animal and has severe hip dysplasia with arthritis. His condition was severely worsening with age and was affecting his viability as a service animal; he would have been retired by now if not for Dr. Moore’s dedication to his treatment and recovery. Dr. Moore has been our primary rehab specialist for several years and she is the most competent, professional, and ethical veterinarian I’ve ever had. I credit her with Strom’s significant improvement in lifestyle and comfort. Because of Dr. Moore’s expert ability to evaluate and consider a wide range of rehabilitation techniques, Strom’s pain level has been cut in half, he is quicker to rise, and has profoundly more mobility and strength in his hind end. His quality of life is much better and his life expectancy is exponentially longer. Dr. Moore is personally invested in Strom’s care and I have her to thank for being able to keep Strom in service. Strom and I would both be lost without her. Taking your animal family members to Dr. Moore for rehabilitation and treatment is the one of the most loving things you can do for them.   

We brought Oscar to Dr. Moore after he had had a failed hip replacement.  In addition to rather severe muscle atrophy in his leg, his other hip has displasia and his front elbows are arthritic.  We wanted to give him the best chance for a good recovery and to feel as good as he could again.   Going to Dr. Moore is a great choice for us - our anxious boy loves seeing her and climbing onto the bed for his treatments.  Dr. Moore gave us some simple exercises for Oscar, and within a month his leg was getting stronger;  two months later and you can both see and feel the difference in his leg muscle.  And he's got his smiling face back and his playfulness.​

It's all about the pets and the people.

Thank goodness a veterinary colleague friend of mine referred me to Dr. Moore with my dear Hunter – my nine year old, rescue Labrador who proved to be the most challenging pet I have ever had. He already had inflammatory bowel issues of 4 years duration when he ruptured a disc in his neck and required neurosurgery. His post-surgical and bowel issues were many; Dr. Moore’s evaluation and treatment augmented his other medical treatments, making Hunter much more comfortable and happier for the rest of his life. Hunter loved his treatments and Dr. Moore. Thanks, Dr. Moore  - I appreciate all your skills.
Mary A. Whitlock, DVM