Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are food products that meet specific therapeutic goals.  For instance there are dietary supplements aimed at protecting joint health or emotional health.  The supplements that Dr. Moore most often recommends are listed on the Products page of this site.

Client education 
Dr. Moore will discuss and demonstrate treatments that you can do at home to help your pet, including massage, warm or cold packs, passive range of motion, therapeutic exercises and acupressure.  Other areas to be considered are safe play, restricting dangerous activities, exercise goals and modifying your home to meet your pet's needs.  Dr. Moore believes strongly that oral hygiene is key component of overall health.  She can help you learn to brush your pet's teeth.

This technique involves a hand-held, painless spinal adjusting device called an "activator" to alleviate neurological interferences along the backbone. The activator is applied to the back and is used to treat spinal maladies and related causes of lameness and illness in pets.  This technique is borrowed from the human world of chiropractic care and has been adapted for use in pets.

normal posture with a splint

Veterinary manual therapy

Veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM).​

​the splint

​Kinesiology taping

​A special kinesiology/sports tape that provides support while allowing full range of motion.  Applying the elastic tape on the skin creates a lifting effect, decompressing the subcutaneous layers beneath the skin.  Taping is used to decrease pain and inflammation, improve body awareness, posture and movement, and to reduce swelling and edema. Short haired pets do not require clipping of the hair; long haired pets may need the hair trimmed slightly to allow the tape to stick.  

Custom splinting

Our Services

Splints are custom made for your pet to meet their specific therapeutic goals. Splints are made from temperature sensitive plastic that is molded directly to the body. The splint holds the body part in a healthy posture.

All Pets Health and Rehab​, LLC

abnormal posture without the splint

The cornerstone of care at All Pets Health and Rehab, LLC, veterinary manual therapy, is invaluable to every patient.  The roots of veterinary manual therapy come from techniques developed by osteopathic doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and massage therapists.  As such, manual therapy can be used to treat any and every part of the body including bones, joints, muscles, organs, fascia, nerves and blood vessels.  Dr. Moore uses her hands to find and release problematic restrictions in the body thus facilitating healing in a truly holistic fashion.  When underlying problems are addressed the patient can begin the path to recovery, long term health and well-being.  Most pets find this treatment to be very relaxing; often falling asleep on the table during treatments.  Dr. Moore strives to make every treatment pain-free and fear-free for all of her patients.  Specific techniques may include craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, functional indirect technique, trigger point release, strain-counterstrain, nerve manipulation, three planar fascial release and joint mobilizations. 

Healing touch.

​​Lifestyle medicine and rehab

The goal of lifestyle medicine is prevention of disease through a healthy lifestyle.  This principle can be applied to pets as well as people. Thus, we need to provide our animal companions with abundant safe exercise, identify and mitigate stressors, provide a nutritious diet, attain an ideal body weight, prioritize sleep and brush the teeth every day to prevent periodontal disease. It is important that we also provide an environment that meets our pets' special needs, which might include  ramps and orthopedic bedding for dogs or climbing trees and scratching posts for cats.

Rehab utilizes the same lifestyle principles for pets who are recovering from injury or surgery. Healing is promoted using treatments such as manual therapy, massage, range of motion exercises, hot or colds packs, learning to walk again while suspended over a treadmill, strengthening exercises on physiorolls, laser, TENS, electrical muscle stimulation or pulse signal therapy.

Therapeutic exercises and athletic conditioning

Therapeutic exercises may be prescribed for your pet with a view toward core strengthening, rear leg strengthening, or improving body awareness, coordination, balance or flexibility. Canine athletes often compete optimally following "cross training" programs recommended by All Pets Health and Rehab, LLC.  Dr. Moore will determine which exercises are ideal to meet your pet's goals. Land-based treadmill, "theraballs," resistance bands, wobble boards and Cavaletti poles are all examples of the therapeutic exercise equipment your pet might learn to use at All Pets Health and Rehab. LLC.