My Pet, drug-free, pain relief at home 

The My Pet Laser is a handheld, portable device with exclusive Multi Radiance Technology.  It utilizes 4 proven radiances to give your pet the ultimate pain relief: a super pulsed laser, broad band infrared light, red light, and a static magnetic field.  During treatment with the laser, a photochemical reaction occurs when laser photons are absorbed by chromophores within the cell's mitochondria, which creates physiologic changes such as:

Increased circulation.

Stimulation of blood and lymph flow to the treated area reduces edema and brings healing to the affected area.

Faster wound healing.

The laser stimulates healing factors such as fibroblasts in wounds and dramatically expedites wound healing.


The laser reduces swelling and inflammation of joints to improve joint mobility and reduce pain. Relieves symptoms of arthritis. 

 This proven, powerful technology is effective, easy to operate and can be rented for use at home ($100/week).  It is non-invasive and does not require clipping of any hair.  My Pet Laser is so safe goggles are not necessary!

Assisi Loop; targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (tPEMF)

Targeted pulse magnetic field therapy, or tPEMF, consists of a small wire ring that pulses an electromagnetic field at a frequency that stimulates the tissues to heal, reduces swelling and alleviates pain.  tPEMF is readily accepted by most pets: It requires no clipping of the hair coat and involves no beeps or alarms. Assisi Animal Health, the manufacturer of the Assisi Loop, has an excellent video on their website ( which describes the mechanism of action.  When combined with other pain control options such as manual therapy, dietary supplements and therapeutic exercises an even better outcome can be achieved for your pet.  This modality is available for purchase so you can apply it in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Electrical neuromuscular stimulation (e-Stim)

This modality is the application of tiny electrical impulses which stimulate a muscle contraction while a pet is at rest.  This can be used to prevent atrophy of muscle during a time of inactivity or to rebuild muscle that has already been lost.  For most pets, this will require clipping away a small patch of hair to allow application of the electrodes.  

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

This technique uses even smaller electrical impulses to alleviate pain.  This modality is often combined with other pain control options to provide multi-modal relief. This tool often requires clipping of hair for electrode placement.

Healing technology

Therapeutic  devices

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